CISPHOENIX is a brand of the CIS Group (Cameroon Institute of Specialization) – Expert Formation-Métier-Emploi.

Since 2009, our group has gradually developed its Training-Professional-Employment expertise, taking advantage of its values ​​of humanism, responsibility and requirement< /strong> to exercise with rigor, responsiveness and reliability in the fields of Industrial Techniques, Transport and Logistics, Information and Communication Technologies, Business Management and Administration, Multimedia Graphics , health and paramedical. A multi-business specialist, the CIS Group, Training-Business-Employment expert capitalizes on strong brands, each characterized by an area of ​​expertise and business specialization. CAMEROON INSTITUTE OF SPECIALIZATION (CIS): vocational training and higher education institute for industrial, IT, logistics, graphics and management professions CISMED-SANTE: institute for vocational training and higher education for health, medical-sanitary and paramedical professionals CISPHOENIX: firm of expertise in training, skills development, advice and technical assistance CISphoenix-Intérim: multi-business temporary employment company CISMETAL: service company and industrial works

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