Do you want to develop your professional skills? The heaviness of traditional training programs does not suit you? Take advantage of the CISphoenix E-Learning system to follow a complete and qualifying distance training. Our virtual classroom training is designed to bring together around the same collaborative platform the trainer in a dedicated room, and the different learners located in different places and sites (home or company); each participant with the appropriate equipment:
  • a computer with a microphone for audio interactivity and possibly a webcam,
  • a stable Internet connection with sufficient speed for a training session,
  • a headset for interactivity and exchanges.

CISPhoenix | Get trained wherever you are!
Distance learning | Succeed in the virtual classroom

Access quality training, without constraints of time or place.

  • accessible costs;
  • good time management with training sequences of a maximum of 3 hours in the morning, afternoon or evening;
  • interactivity between all the participants and between the participants and the trainer;
  • availability of digital educational documents (course support, presentation slides, videos, etc.);
  • recording, with an additional feature, the ability to review your course at any time.

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