At CISPhoenix, we are on a daily basis listening to companies and at the service of employees, to meet the challenges of developing skills and performance. Our inter-company training courses are intended for employees of all functions (executives, senior executives, executives, supervisors, technicians and operational staff), in all fields (Management and Administration, HR, Marketing and Sales, Accounting, Logistics and Transport, HSE , etc.) and all sectors (industry, service, administration).

CISPhoenix | Active partner of companies and employees!
Advice and training | Skill developpement !

8 major training themes each month

With our consultant-trainers, experts and specialists, CISPhoenix builds a special relationship with each company, a specific long-term link, and develops training courses based on the needs and expectations of companies and employees. These are continuous programs, 3 training themes per month, delivered face-to-face in the form of a practical training seminar (1 to 2 days), which allow participants to acquire new skills, better master their activities and contribute to business performance

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