Based on our standard programs, CISphoenix offers you tailor-made training, modulated according to your objectives, adapted to your level, your availability and your constraints. The schedules as well as the place of the training are developed according to your choices. All our tailor-made programs are developed to meet your needs and expectations.

CISPHOENIX | Tailor-made training for everyone! Personalized routes, 100% Tailor-Made | Specificity and Exclusivity guaranteed

The Four Steps of our Tailor-Made Training

1/ Welcoming in our offices or remotely (telephone, email, etc.) and individual meeting with you 2/ Analysis of your needs, your prerequisites, your objectives and your constraints; 3/ Construction of a personalized offer (objectives and educational content, methods of intervention, duration, rhythm and cost of the training) adapted to your level, your expectations, your constraints and your availablity ; 3/ Personalized follow-up of your training (take stock on a daily basis) and post-training support.

The modalities of CISPHoenix Tailor-Made training

  • Course : day and evening
  • Duration: 1 to 36 days (depending on your objectives, adapted to your level)
  • Start of session : immediately and by mutual agreement
  • Schedules : according to your constraints and your availability
  • Teaching method: 100% practical in the form of individual and/or group workshops (possibility of practical exercises based on your project or your own professional documents).
  • Duration: 1 to 36 days (depending on your objectives, adapted to your
  • Documentation & materials:Training support, computer and multimedia device, practical workshop materials.
  • Training certification: Training certificate.
  • Training location:CISPhoenix or any other location of your choice.
  • Cost of the training:CISPhoenix’s financial proposal, depending on the educational content, the methods of intervention, the place, the duration and the pace of the training.

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